Pure Audio Production 

Pure Audio Production is headed up by engineer/owner Luke Woodruff. Luke is a lifelong musician that has always had a passion, also, for engineering. He has spent many years in the live environment as stage tech, setup/teardown, monitor engineer, and front-of-house engineer in many different environments. Later, he began his recording and post production experience in Jackson TN as Chief Engineer of a large church. There, he was responsible for all audio and visual staging, recording, post-production, and distribution of those worship services. Also in Jackson, Luke worked with a local television station to produce a live music television program. For this project, Luke was responsible for setting up live sound in a local venue for artists to perform in front of a live audience. Also, he mulit-track recorded the performances for later post-production, air quality audio. In February of 2015, Luke was enrolled into the Audio Production program at Full Sail University online. This is a very versatile program that encompasses many skills and techniques of modern audio production. In June of 2015, Luke and his family re-located to the great state of Colorado. There were many arrows that lead Luke to Colorado, but the desire to work full time as an audio specialist was at the top of the list. Luke's desire for quality and excellence is second to none and will always work as long and hard as needed to make his clients not only happy, but truly blown away. 

Our Team